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Now that you have pulled your report for $1 and you see what is on your report.  You need to decide which package below suits you best.  We try our best to fit everyones needs but if you need a more customized package to suit you, just send us a message and we will try to work with you.  If you find a package that suits you, click the sign up today to continue. 


Credit repair is the process of fixing your credit report. If inaccurate information is being reported on your credit report, you can dispute any mistakes and any incomplete information under the Fair Credit Reporting Act.


$350 USD

Unlimited Inquiries


Marble Surface

DIY Package 

$599 USD

Challenge the credit bureaus on your own. We provide you with the dispute documentation necessary to challenge the creditors. The DIY package also includes 1 month of consultation and the following services:

  • Debt Verification

  • Step-by-Step Outline of the Dispute Process

  • Personalized Dispute Letters

  • Personalized Research

  • Credit Analysis

  • Credit Education

Credit Expunge

$1000 USD

6 Month Program designed for clients who need credit repair and budgeting management. Our credit specialist are hands on with credit repair. We provide you with monthly updates and keep you on track with reaching your financial goals. 

Credit Expunge Includes:

  • Removal of Inquiries, Collections, Evictions, Repossession, Late Payments, Medical Collections, and Student loans.

  • Debt Verification

  • Bureau Challenges (Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion)

  • Credit Score Analysis

  • Identity Protection

  • Monthly Credit Updates

 JKee Premium Plus

$1750 USD

9-Month Program. This package is designed for the client who does not have time nor patience to handle the tedious credit repair process. Our credit repair specialist are hands on with credit repair. We provide clients with the full benefits of our financial management services, debt settlement negotiation while keeping you on tracks with your financial goals.


          JKee Premium Plus:

  • All Items in JKee Sweep plus, Bankruptcy, Judgements, Tax Liens, Child Support, Chex Systems Removal

  • Student Loan Review

  • Cease & Desist Letter

  • Credit Coaching

  • Settlement Negotiations

  • Credit Rebuilding

  • Personalize Research


  • Credit Repair (removal of inaccurate and incomplete information from credit reports)

  • Credit Restoration (assistance with adding primary tradelines/authorized user tradelines)

  • Debt Negotiation (assistance with settling debts)

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