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If this is your first time getting credit repair, your question may be,



1. Credit Report. We would first need to get a copy of your credit report.  Its only $1 if you use the link provided on website.  If you decide that you do not want to move forward with JKee Approves, you have 7 days to cancel before being charged.  If you do not have Identity IQ yet, Click HERE to register for $1


2. Information. You will then need to provide me with your full name, your email address, your last 4 digits of your Social Security number as well as the login details for Identity IQ (Username and Password) I have made this easy for you as all you need to do is fill out out quick registration form on the next page. Hopefully on Step 1, you would have already registered for Identity IQ so you will have your username and password.  All you need to do is submit it in the registration form. Allow anywhere from 1 hour up to 4 hours to receive a free credit analysis back from us via Email. This credit analysis will highlight all of your negative, and derogatory items.  It will show your late payments, your collections, any public records your may have, your vantage credit score, your credit card utilization, and total hard inquiries.  Everything that's negative about your credit profile that needs to be fixed, this will show. 


3.Consultation. You have the option at this time after reviewing your analysis if you want to jump on a quick phone call to go over everything to get a better understanding of the process or you can simply schedule a free consultation when you are more available to talk.


4.Payment. To finalize registration Click Here to be redirected to payment and select option, you will then need to send over payment based on what we agreed on. The preferred and most secure payment method is by ZELLE.​  Next best payment method is by Cashapp.

Zelle to phone # 202-924-9368. (Jaron Hicks)
Cashapp  $Jaron214


Once payment is sent, Please make sure you screenshot and send confirmation to 202-924-9368 or DM to my IG @Jkeeapproves.  


5. Contract. Within 60 minutes, I will send you over a contract and that contract will cover everything that you will receive.  If you chose the Inquiry only package, That will be stated in contract. (it is the removal or only hard inquiries.  NO Collections, Charge-offs, Late payments, etc If. you chose the Credit Expunge, you will get 6 months of credit repair, credit rebuilding, credit coaching, access to tradelines, as well as debt negotiation. (includes removal of hard inquiries, collections, charge-offs, late payments. Verify and sign contract.  For more information on what exactly comes with each package refer to the Credit Services page.. 


6. Upload Documentation. Now that the contract is signed, Its time for you to upload your required documents to the portal.  You will log in and you will follow the steps on the screen.  You will need to upload a copy of your ID and a proof of address.  If you have already ordered the credit report, which you should have from step 1, you can skip the step about ordering credit reports. You will then notify me that you have completed all onboarding steps.


7. Dispute.  This is what you hired us for. We use all our skillset and use strong and aggressive tactics to dispute on your behalf  All the items that we talked about prior will be disputed.  You will automatically receive an email on all the items that I dispute so you will always be in the loop.  You can review and if there's any issues, you should contact me ASAP before the letters get sent out within the next 24 hours.  Within 24 hours of being processed, letters will get sent out via certified mail to the credit bureaus, or depending on what round we are on, get sent to the creditors or collections agency's.

8. Wait. The worst part is this part. The wait. We need to wait for the credit bureaus to respond by mail. By law they have 30 days to respond.  Due to covid-19, This time has been longer due to the cares act.  They no longer have a deadline of 30 days to respond but there are times that they may not send mail back but we will still get results.  It is your responsibility to forward over to me via email any updates that they send.  We will use that to proceed with the next round.


9. Updates. Updates are generally every 40 days to give them adequate time to respond.  We don't want to resend out a letter that within 3 days they were going to delete.  That will cause conflict, so we allow a few extra days so the process flows smoothly.


10. RINSE AND REPEAT.  We do this process over and over coming back more and more aggressive with the bureaus each round until we get you the results that we need.  Once we get to the stage of debt negotiation, it may require some of your assistance.  We may have to offer a pay to delete to the creditors in order to settle a debt.  Settling debts is very important if you want long term permanent results


11. Rebuild. Once we get to approximately the 90 day mark, could be sooner, We will also start the credit rebuilding process to further improve your credit score.  This may involve opening new lines of credit, paying down debt, adding new installment loans, or adding a AU tradeline.  Don't worry the experts are here and we will get you taken care of to get you into the house you may desire, the dream car, or get your personal or business funding.  Regardless of your goals. We have your backs.


12. Watch the scores jump. THATS IT.   There's always open lines of communications.  You can text, call, email, or DM us for any questions you may have during the credit repair process. 

DO NOT, I REPEAT, DO NOT without talking to us pay off any collections agencies.  Often times, a creditor or collection agency will reach out during the dispute process and they will offer a settlement deal.  DO NOT PAY THEM ANYTHING.  There's a very important step that must happen before you get to that and Also NEVER ADMIT ANY DEBT IS YOURS.

  • If you made it this far, by now you should understand the process. To move forward click here to start the registration process.  This is where we gather your information to see if we are a good fit for you.  If we do the free audit and it does not match up what you are trying to accomplish, we will make sure you keep your money in your pocket.

The way the process works!

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